We’re Better Together

The Substance Misuse 3-Year Strategic Plan for the Winnipesauke Regional Public Health Network provides a snapshot of substance misuse in the region and provide guidance for regional prevention efforts. It is a result of coordinated effort by many local community leaders and organizations, as well as key funders and technical assistance providers. 

The SAMHSA Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) components promote youth development, reduce risk-taking behaviors, build assets and resilience, and evaluate prevention plans and programs that work across the life span.

The SPF is built on a community-based risk and resiliency approach to prevention and a series of guiding principles that can be utilized at the community level to build capacity for substance misuse prevention, and in so doing, promote resilience and decrease risk factors in individuals, families, and communities.

The Strategic Planning Team identified two main goals for the Winnipesauke Public Health Region to focus on. Based on these goals, objectives were developed to guide future plans and programs.