We’re Better Together

Preventing and mitigating substance misuse, suicide and social isolation.

We provide education, assistance and resources to community partners and educators to prevent and mitigate substance misuse, suicide and social isolation.

Substance temptations, social isolation, and depression are only some of the outside factors interfering with an individual’s ability to grow and function well in society. Making the right choice is not always so easy.

That’s where the Partnership for Public Health’s Prevention Strategies program comes in. Through grants, our passionate staff of prevention professionals are here to provide resources, assistance, education, and connection for community partners, so they have the tools necessary to help place youth and adults on the road to success.

We are here for your school or organization! We partner with you to…

  • Plan & Implement substance free events
  • Connect people to addiction services
  • Educate parents, students, and staff
  • Host and participate in community events
  • And more!

Here at the Partnership, prevention is about teaching and modeling healthy behaviors for the prevention and mitigation of substance misuse, suicide, and social isolation.

Let us help you gather your group of like-minded individuals that will empower youth and adults to make safe and healthy choices.

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