We’re Better Together

Below are a list of our assistive tech devices, their respective categories & videos demonstrating their use. Please reach out if we can be of any help in obtaining a device to help.

  Device name Data Collection Category YouTube Link
1 Knork Daily Living https://youtu.be/gwO9hecfcYw
2 Weighted Fork, Spoon & Knife Set Daily Living https://youtu.be/-uMCjcfa9hc
3 OXO Angled Measuring Cup Daily Living https://youtu.be/7nkxSh8i4YU
4 Non Slip Bottle Opener (Yellow) Daily Living https://youtu.be/7NPF4L7qzvw
5 Food Bumper Daily Living https://youtu.be/boibZc1dg5o
6 Rocking T Knife Daily Living https://youtu.be/WQLIhZ5cqR8
7 The Classic Pro Reacher Daily Living https://youtu.be/KflCFyDqM7U
8 Non-slip Jar Opener (Blue) Daily Living https://youtu.be/7NPF4L7qzvw
9 Orange Jar Opener Daily Living https://youtu.be/7NPF4L7qzvw
10 EZ Reacher Daily Living https://youtu.be/er9z9fmbY00
11 OXO Good Grips Flexible Snips Daily Living https://youtu.be/pG-t_ExLsAk
12 OXO POP Container Daily Living https://youtu.be/W5slwh3jbA0
13 Plug-In Touch On/Off Control Environmental Adaptations https://youtu.be/IxjTCFUINR0
14 Dusk-to-Dawn light control Environmental Adaptations https://youtu.be/MdrbHP4EQmY
15 Remote Outlet Switch Environmental Adaptations https://youtu.be/0B0UbnCtt5Q
16 Pocketalker Ultra Hearing https://youtu.be/SOQNdV6xH_8
17 After Shokz Hearing https://youtu.be/tpgYqQguQV4
18 Ditto Hearing https://youtu.be/JcZlWI6oscw
19 Power Ear Amplifier Hearing https://youtu.be/xkdTs2a79Kk
20 Silent Call Sidekick Hearing https://youtu.be/MPfDVbFGHv4
21 Vibrating / Chime Pager Hearing https://youtu.be/NHFSoMyfFG4
21 Lifetone smoke detector / alarm clock Hearing https://youtu.be/Y6UZIJpvvqc
23 Visual Alert Doorbell Hearing https://youtu.be/P12W-MjhTrU
24 Comfort Duet Hearing https://youtu.be/r9EUhcCybF0
25 Pocketalker Pro Hearing https://youtu.be/HJDNsZZoqVc
26 Multi-Alarm Timer Pillbox Learning, Cognition and Development https://youtu.be/6Lq-a5Fna4I
27 Talking Watch Learning, Cognition and Development https://youtu.be/kHS0Vwf6Hdc
28 Your Minder – talking, recording alarm clock Learning, Cognition and Development https://youtu.be/lYa-GdWI22I
29 Ice Breaker Mat Mobility https://youtu.be/YOJA3PZpH-I
30 Expandable Door Hinge Mobility https://youtu.be/0WbcxrdBmpg
31 Handy Bar Mobility https://youtu.be/QTG2EnA338c
32 Stabil – pull over shoe ice grippers Mobility https://youtu.be/UPyDk9IFj1g
33 Lap Magnifier Vision https://youtu.be/vqkSzCgCO-Y
34 Reizen 8x LED Magnifier Vision https://youtu.be/8CRP5gjoioQ
35 Portable Task Lamp Vision https://youtu.be/rf-WA6SNXLo
36 5″ LED Lighted Magnifier Vision https://youtu.be/CnMKZUr3zCM
37 Solar Garden Light Vision https://youtu.be/wphxGj4dFAc