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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a COVID-19 vaccine?

To register for a COVID-19 vaccine, visit and click Register Now.

How do I get a vaccine when I am homebound?

If you need transportation to a vaccination site, call 2-1-1.

If you cannot leave your home, call PPH at (603) 528-2145 and we will schedule a home visit.

Who is eligible for the vaccine?

Everyone over the age of 12 is now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in New Hampshire.

Visit the FDA and Pfizer websites for more information about the Emergency Use Authorization of the Pfizer vaccine for children between the ages of 12 and 15.

Will the vaccine cause me to test positive on a COVID-19 test?

None of the currently available COVID-19 vaccines contain the live COVID-19 virus, so they will not cause someone to test positive on a rapid viral test. However, you may test positive on an antibody test.

Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine if I’m pregnant?

Currently there are no known risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccine for pregnant individuals. Please speak with your healthcare provider regarding any questions you have about the safety of the vaccine. For more information, click here.

Will any of the COVID-19 vaccines make me sick with COVID-19?

None of the COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States contain live COVID-19 virus, so it cannot make you sick with COVID-19. The vaccines use other methods to teach your immune system to recognize and defend against the COVID-19 virus. For more information, click here.

Have questions about the science behind the COVID-19 vaccines? Watch the video below.

Additional COVID-19 Information

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