HEAL: Movement Breaks

What is a Movement  Break?

A "Movement Break" is a 1-2 minute opportunity for a teacher to incorporate physical activity into a students daily schedule.  The Movement Break can be used during  times where a rest period is necessary, there is a change in topic, students are struggling/tired  or as a reward for good behavior. 
The  Movement Break can be used throughout the day with a goal of up to 5X a  day. The Aerobic Tic-Tac-Toe activity is a great example of a Movement Break for grade levels 3 to 5.

hysical activity can help improve academic achievement.  It can have a positive impact on cognitive skills and attitudes and academic behavior, all of which are important components of improved academic performance. These include enhanced concentration and attention as well as improved classroom behavior. Increasing or maintaining time dedicated to physical education may help, and does not appear to adversely  impact, academic performance.

The Laconia Elementary schools are incorporating Movement Breaks into their daily curriculum providing students with a variety of enjoyable non-elimination, all inclusive physical activities with many opportunities to participate and practice skills.  For more information, contact
Partnership for Public Health at (603) 528-2145.

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