Partners In Community Wellness: Medicine Disposal

Do you have EXPIRED or UNUSED medication?

Access is an Issue:
Approximately 70% of those who reported abusing prescription meds, got them from family or friends, often from the medicine cabinet. (SAMHSA, 2006)

Proper Disposal is a Solution:
Permanent medication collection boxes address a vital public safety and public health issue.  By taking unused and expired medications out of our community, it significantly reduces the opportunities for misuse and/or abuse.

Currently, we have FOUR permanent medication collection boxes in our region.  More will be added, so please check back often!

The following guidelines apply to our region's medication collection boxes:
  • Belmont collection box is accessible Monday-Friday, 7am-11pm
  • Franklin, Gilford and Laconia collection boxes are accessible 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
  • ONLY prescription or over-the-counter medications are to be placed in the box.
  • This VOLUNTARY collection/disposal process is FREE and ANONYMOUS.
  • NO needles, syringes or lancets will be collected.  If you need to dispose of these items, please contact your local Fire Department for disposal instructions.
  • The collection boxes are constructed in such a manner and of materials that make them tamper-proof.
IMPORTANT:  Flushing your medication is NOT recommended!!!

FREE Local Medication Disposal Drop Box Locations

Belmont Police Department

16 Fuller St
Belmont, NH
(603) 267-8351

Franklin Police Department

5 Hancock Terrace
Franklin, NH
(603) 934-2535

Gilford Police Department

47 Cherry Valley Road
Gilford, NH
(603) 527-4737

Laconia Police Department

126 New Salem Street
Laconia, NH
(603) 524-5252

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