About Us

Partnership for Public Health (PPH) is committed to working in partnership with others toward a safer and healthier community.

These partnerships include:

  • human service agencies,
  • local and state government,
  • police,
  • fire,
  • faith community,
  • parents,
  • educators,
  • businesses,
  • older adults,
  • youth
  • and more.

Please join our staff and our partners in our desire to better understand the health problems confronting our citizens and in the development of strategies to respond to the public health needs of our community.

I urge you to use the resources on this and other websites to learn more about public health issues such as emergency preparedness, long term care, family caregiving, substance abuse prevention, chronic disease, and other relevant public health issues.

The Partnership staff are available to help you locate serves and to offer suggestions regarding how you can get involved in your community, please give us a call at 603-528-2145.

Shelley Carita, Executive Director

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